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If you need help with your rodents PLEASE contact us now!

Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to calIf l us for help, we WILL NOT judge anyone that ASKS for help.

Our truths and our rescues

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to surrender your pet rodent, please let us know. We will be happy to take them in for you. We are willing to accept any type of rodent- hamsters, gerbils, rats, degus, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. If you aren't sure, let us know. We can also coordinate with other types of rescues to help you meet your needs.



Rescues are not a way to make any money. The simplest rescue was a gerbil that was given to us. The gerbil is fed and have their cage cleaned for a 2 week minimum as we quarantine them for at least that long to make sure they are healthy before introducing them into the same area as our other kids. This is about the same cost as buying a gerbil from a pet store.

Our third rat was a free male rat from Craigslist we felt needed rescued. He was in a smoking house and living in a bird cage. He was also fed only through the bars of his cage and only got hard dry food which did not look like rat food. Naturally he would bite at anything that got close to the cage. We named him "The Dude" and realized he had some respiratory issues. We had to take him to the vet and get him taken care of but this was a substantial cost so the 'free' rat ended up costing over $300 with cage, vet visit, and meds. I knew we would be keeping him. He is now part of our family and one of my special friends. He comes out of his cage every morning and goes on a walk around the rat room while I am there with him. 

The most expensive so far is a set of rats that needed saved. We drove to NE Pennsylvania when Lisa from Rat Nation in Pittsburgh needed more rescues to help with a huge rescue then back to Louisville. Estimating the math, we got 8 rats from a person  whose roomate had moved out leaving approx 150 that needed rescuing from an apartment before the lease was up. If we were to sell each rat for the average price of pet stores $15.00 that would be $120.00. Now, we drove 27 hours over 2 days. Gas was $120.00, food for us was about $50.00, hotel that allowed pets was $100.00, vet visit for the ill ones was $75.00 plus medications at $20.00.

We housed and rehabilitated these for 2 weeks minimum so add another $20.00 for all 8 to have food and bedding. As you can see it quickly adds up.  We are explaining this so you know selling rodents for profit is not what we are about. Because there is no profit in rescuing. We spend a lot of money to help save these rodents that we love so much. We would rather keep them than let them go to another bad situation so we charge a rehoming fee. But if that is a problem please talk to us. We also perform a thorough interview process including veternarian references and personal checks to make sure our animals are going to receive proper care and are going to a loving home.

We want to make sure everyone is happy and our rodents are placed in the right environment. We have learned a lot in our journey and have become part of a rescue network so there is a wealth of knowledge around us. If you have any questions we will gladly answer them for you. We will always be available to help out in any rescue situation. We do have the ability to foster rodents if you have a need and can discuss this with you so please contact us if this is the case. We also offer rodent sitting for those that need to have their pet watched while away.